Using your own WiFi equipment

For the best Quantum Fiber experience, we recommend using the equipment we provide. But we understand flexibility is important, so you do have the option to use a WiFi solution of your choice. No matter what you decide, there are some important things to know about this option.

What equipment do I need?

Two types of equipment are needed in order to use the internet over both wired and wireless connections: a SmartNID/modem and WiFi equipment. Learn more about each of these below.

Quantum Fiber provides a modem at no cost when you become a customer. 

The modem is the device that connects your home or small business to the internet. It receives signals from the internet provider (that's us!) and translates them into data that all the devices on your network can understand. 

  • The modem you receive may be a stand-alone gateway like the C4000XG.
  • Or it may be a permanently mounted SmartNID like the C5500XK

Did you become a Quantum Fiber customer before February 18, 2022?

Is your service address in one of the states listed below?
AL, AR, AZ, GA, IL, IN, KS, LA, MI, MO, MS, NC, NJ, OH, OK, PA, TX, VA, WI  

If you answered yes to either question, your Quantum Fiber modem may work as a WiFi router. Learn more >

To use WiFi, you have two options: A mesh network (like our 360 WiFi) or a wireless router.

router is what creates your wireless (WiFi) network. It also allows your devices to connect to each other for things like smart home applications. The router shares the internet connection to all devices as they need it, and "routes" data back and forth between devices. In addition, routers usually offer firewalls and other security controls to help prevent malware and other baddies from getting into your home network.

We recommend 360 WiFi for whole-home WiFi coverage, security features, in-app management and more.

If you have a modem or router from outside Quantum Fiber that you want to use, please first read this important information below. Cable modems and DSL modems will not work with our fiber internet service, and even a fiber modem will only work with the correct configuration. We can't provide a list of third-party modems that could work because we can't guarantee it would be set up the right way.

What you need to know about using third-party equipment

When you order Quantum Fiber service, we recommend the 360 WiFi mesh system. If you opt out of 360 WiFi, you will need to provide third-party (non-Quantum Fiber) WiFi equipment to connect devices wirelessly to the internet.

If you do not choose a WiFi solution, you will only be able to access the internet over a wired Ethernet connection straight to the SmartNID or modem. 

When you bring your own WiFi equipment, be aware that:
  • Quantum Fiber is not able to install or troubleshoot your WiFi or Ethernet function on equipment you provide yourself. 

  • Quantum Fiber can only verify the speed from our network to the SmartNID or modem when the configuration is unchanged. If you adjust the setup to allow for your WiFi solution, we cannot perform remote diagnostics and other service troubleshooting.
WiFi equipment specifications and setup:
  • Minimum of WiFi 5 standards; preferred WiFi 6 or 6e

  • Built to support WiFi speeds up to 1 Gbps; for multi-gig speeds, equipment should be built to support 2.5 Gbps

  • Supports manual configuration in "access point" or AP mode; can disable DHCP

    • Please note that many retail mesh solutions auto-detect and self-configure, while most combination modem-router devices or gateways do not self-configure. 

    • Please note that the Quantum Fiber C4000, C3000, and C3510 gateways cannot be configured in access point mode.

    • Please note that using a router that is not in access point mode could impact performance for gaming, VPN, internet voice service, some IoT devices, and printing.
Using your own WiFi equipment won't allow you to access these 360 WiFi features:


  • Security features such as malware protection, antivirus, and content protection
  • Access controls (parental controls) that allow you to block certain devices from connecting at certain times
  • Wireless optimization, including dynamic channel optimization and band steering
  • Technical support and troubleshooting help from our Fiber Customer Success Team
  • Proactive security monitoring

Top choice: 360 WiFi

For the best Quantum Fiber experience, we recommend 360 WiFi. Here's why:

  • Enjoy customized, comprehensive, and reliable WiFi throughout your home or small business.
  • Get built-in security features to protect your network and your connected devices.
  • Easily manage your WiFi network and control your smart-home devices with the included Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi app.

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