360 WiFi setup

The 360 WiFi setup replaces a traditional router to provide WiFi access. The basic steps are the same, no matter what kind of modem you have.

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Download the 360 WiFi app

360 WiFi app download

Once you have the app installed, sign in. Your username is the email address you used when you signed up for service, and you will use the same password you created for your Quantum Fiber online account. The app will guide you through every step of the setup process. Or to follow along here, see the instructions below. 

Important note: You must use the Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi app. This is separate from the Quantum Fiber account management app, but you will use the same sign-in information.

Download the Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi app

Special note for iPhone users: If you purchased your iPhone outside the U.S., the 360 WiFi app may not appear in the app store. If this happens, simply change your region to the United States in the iPhone settings, and the app will be available. Once you have installed the app, you can adjust the region setting again as needed.

360 WiFi app setup preview

Do you already have WiFi pods set up in your unit?

If you recently moved in and found 360 WiFi pods already set up in your unit, you are most likely an Instant Internet customer. In that case, all you need to do is download the app and sign in, then just create your WiFi network and connect your devices. And you're good to go! 

Connect the first pod

Did a technician already install your pods? Great, you can skip to the next step >

  • Plug the primary pod into the modem using the Ethernet cable included.

    Note: Tap on 'Advanced Setup' to see setup instructions if one of the listed scenarios applies to you, such as:
    • You have a VoIP/digital phone connected to your modem
    • You have multiple rooms wired to an ethernet switch
    • You have IoT or other smart devices connected to your modem
Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi app, connect first pod screen
Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi app, advanced setup screen
  • Now plug the primary pod into the power outlet. Scan the QR code using the app, or make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and stay close to the pod while the Bluetooth locates it. 

  • The status light on the pod will pulse slowly until the pod connects to the modem and the app.

  • Next, unplug any other devices connected directly to your modem, then restart the modem by unplugging it from power for 30 seconds and plugging it back in. 

  • The primary pod will now appear as the 'Gateway' on your app.
Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi app, plug in first pod screen
Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi app, restart modem screen

Set up your WiFi network

Need to change your 360 WiFi network name or password? See how to do it in the app >

  • The app will prompt you to enter a WiFi network name (SSID) and password. For stronger security, create a custom network name and/or password. You will need to reconnect each of your connected devices to the network using these new credentials once setup is complete.

  • Alternatively, to simplify setup and skip reconnecting devices, you can use the existing SSID and password printed on your modem label.
Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi app, set up WiFi network screen
  • Once the primary pod is connected, the status light should turn off. At the bottom of the app screen, you’ll see a display of your network configuration progress.

  • The primary pod will now start searching for additional pods. 

Connect the rest of the pods

Did a technician already install your pods? Great, you can skip to the next step >

  • The app will show you a series of tips on the best placement for your remaining pods. Plug in each additional pod, following the tips to be sure you avoid blocking the signal with heavy furniture, keep second outlets free, and more.
360 WiFi setup app, pod tip 1 screen
360 WiFi setup app, pod tip 2 screen
360 WiFi setup app, pod tip 3 screen
360 WiFi setup app, pod tip 4 screen
  • As each pod connects to the network, a green check mark will appear in the app, and the status light on that pod will turn off. 

  • When you’ve finished connecting all your pods, tap 'Done adding pods.'

    Note: If you are adding extra pods that weren't part of your initial pack, the app will find them using Bluetooth if they are in range.
360 WiFi setup app, add pod screen
360 WiFi setup app, add pod screen 2
  • After connecting your pods, you'll be prompted to turn on app notifications. This will allow you to receive AI Security alerts and push notifications about home network activities. You can enable notifications now, or choose skip for now, with the option to update notifications at any time in your app settings.
360 WiFi setup app, notifications screen
360 WiFi setup app, allow notifications screen

Connect devices to your network

  • The app will now prompt you to join the new WiFi network. When you tap 'Join,' you'll be taken to the WiFi settings on your device to complete the connection.
360 WiFi setup app, join WiFi network screen
  • Once back in the app, a Welcome Aboard message will indicate that your device is connected, and the new WiFi network is working.

Name your pods

Naming your pods makes it easier to identify and manage them later. But this step is optional. You can tap 'Snooze' to skip it for now.

  • To name the pods, bring your device close to each pod to be named. Your phone will use Bluetooth to identify the closest pod. Choose from the list of default names or enter a custom name for each pod.
360 WiFi setup app, name pod 1 screen
360 WiFi setup app, name pod 2 screen

Sit back as your pods optimize

  • The last step in setup is to run the initial optimization. The app will describe what to expect from upcoming optimizations over the next few weeks.

  • As your pods send more information to the cloud, they will be continually fine-tuned to improve performance.

  • Ongoing optimization will start at about 2 a.m. each night or as needed based on environmental factors.
360 WiFi setup app, optimize 1 screen
360 WiFi setup app, optimize screen 2
360 WiFi setup app, optimize screen 3

And that’s it—you’re ready to enjoy your 360 WiFi! The system will continue to adapt and improve intelligently as it learns your preferences and needs.

NOTE: The 360 WiFi built-in security features will not work if you plug your connected devices directly into your modem.

Need more help? The best way to contact us is through the app or the account portal. You can also email or call us if you prefer.